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NIS2 - Fines and Managerial Accountability

As we spoke before, the European Union has revised its cybersecurity regulations under the NIS2 Directive to ensure robust protection across essential sectors.

The Directive not only broadens the scope of regulatory oversight but also introduces stiffer penalties for non-compliance, reflecting the critical need for enhanced security measures.

Here’s what organizations need to know about the potential financial and non-financial penalties under the NIS2 Directive and how it seeks to hold top-level management accountable.

Specific Penalties Under NIS2

The NIS2 Directive delineates clear consequences for entities that fail to comply with its stringent cybersecurity and reporting requirements. For entities deemed essential, such as those in transport, healthcare, and digital infrastructure, penalties can reach up to €10 million or 2% of the global annual turnover, whichever is higher. Important entities, including sectors like food, manufacturing, and digital providers, face fines of up to €7 million or 1.4% of global annual revenue.

Non-Monetary Penalties

Aside from financial repercussions, the NIS2 Directive grants national authorities the power to impose non-monetary penalties. These include:

  • Compliance orders to ensure future adherence to security standards.

  • Binding instructions that may mandate specific security measures or audits.

  • Security audit implementation orders to thoroughly assess and enhance existing security frameworks.

  • Threat notification orders to entities’ customers, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Criminal Sanctions and Managerial Accountability

A significant addition to the NIS2 Directive is the focus on personal accountability at the management level. In an effort to ensure top-tier executives prioritize cybersecurity, the Directive allows for criminal sanctions against managers found guilty of gross negligence leading to security incidents.

These measures are crafted to:

  • Obligate organizations to make any compliance violations public.

  • Issue public statements identifying responsible parties and the nature of the violation.

  • Temporarily, or in cases of repeated violations, permanently bar individuals from holding managerial roles in essential entities.

The NIS2 Directive represents a serious commitment by the EU to enforce cybersecurity across critical sectors, holding both organizations and their top executives accountable. The inclusion of both hefty fines and stringent managerial penalties underscores the importance of proactive cybersecurity governance. Entities covered by the Directive must now consider not only the organizational but also personal risks of non-compliance, making cybersecurity a top priority in boardroom discussions.

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