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Dell Technologies Day 2023

Did you miss our Session on Dell Technologies Day: Exploring Data Mesh & Virtualization in the Age of Data - With Luis Marques - Head of Data &AI?

Don't worry, we are pleased to share a recorded session from the recent Dell Technologies Day, featuring a detailed presentation by Luis Marques, Head of Data & AI. This session offers in-depth insights into the evolving landscapes of Data Mesh and Virtualization in modern data management.

About the Speaker: Luis Marques, a renowned expert in Data and Artificial Intelligence, leads initiatives in developing and implementing advanced data strategies. His extensive experience and knowledge in the field make this session an invaluable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Session Overview: The session, "Exploring Data Mesh & Virtualization in the Age of Data," delves into key aspects of these emerging technologies. Luis Marques discusses the principles of Data Mesh, its implementation challenges, and the transformative potential of data virtualization. The talk provides a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies are shaping the future of data infrastructure and analytics.

Video Access: Below is the full video of Luis Marques' presentation. We encourage viewers to watch this insightful session to better understand the critical role Data Mesh and Virtualization play in the current and future landscape of data technology.

Conclusion: We hope this presentation offers valuable knowledge and sparks further discussion on these pivotal technological advancements.

Your thoughts and feedback on the session are most welcome.

If you would like to know more about how to implement this solution in your organization, please get in touch with us, HERE.

Linkcom Team


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